Thursday, January 6, 2011

reflecting on a decade (and more) of Grace

It seems funny in a way to pay so much attention to a decade. In the scope of a lot of years, ten doesn't seem like much. I have a grandmother who will turn Ninety this year. Nine decades worth of living. Now, that seems like a long time to reflect upon. And yet, I know there are children born who don't live close to even one decade, and their lives have such an influence on others - so many lessons learned through a life briefly lived.

The first decade of my life I was still a child. Becoming more independent and still such a little girl. In the second decade of my life I was preparing for a marriage I knew would be nearing the corner in the following year. I was finishing up at college and still so self absorbed. Now, in my third decade of life I celebrate a decade of marriage today. I have been married for a third of my life and have learned more in this time decade about the things that really seem to matter - much more than just good manners or sport management.

I feel older. It's the first time in my life that I actually feel older. I can see it, too. The years are adding up and I feel more credible to be speaking with wise words on occasion, or even in being a mother. I haven't learned it all and I'll still struggle, I'm sure. But for now, I am seeing something that I didn't really notice before.

I am loved.

There's nothing I have to do, or even that I can do for God to love me any more or any differently. Like my child who falls and I run before I even hear the cry, my Father is there for me - even if it's right after I've stomped off and declared that I don't need Him to tell me what to do.

It's all to His honor that I celebrate the first decade of my marriage today. And it's in His honor that I lift up the first three decades of my life (plus a year). Now, more than ever, I see that it is all because of His Grace.  Even one moment - much less than one decade - can mean more than ten thousand lifetimes.  His purposes are beyond our comprehension and it is all because of His love that He guides and nourishes us along the way. 

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