Thursday, March 13, 2014

we're wanted

Father, we come.

wanting to play and yet with so much to do.

we hope someone else will occupy and entertain, someone who is more fun than us.

we hear the words, "will you play with me?", and we so want to

     . . . yet, there's all the things! 

     and . . . "just one more thing . . . one more minute . . . "

the relief came when his daddy came walking in the room and said he'd play.

we even sighed at the feeling of being rescued.

it's hard to confess our gratitude for this rescue.

we're being asked for, though.

we are wanted. 

     as. we are. 

slow us to see his eyes that long for us.

slow us to listen to hear his voice say our name.

slow us to feel his tug for us.

make less of our many things.

less distractions.

less us.

we are wanted and we have made them wait too long for us.

it is us who they want, not just him or something else to do to fill the time.

it's us.

it's time that we take our wanted place.

so, might we set down the dish towel and the spoon that stirs.

might we put a pin in all the things and pick up the video controller, even just once.

we're being asked for and we know it.

we're wanted, even with all there is to do.

doing less and being with them is kind of a big deal. remind us today.

and might our saying "Yes!" be our offering to you.

might we feed and clothe them with the love you give through our very being here.

loose us to fast our comfort of control and order.

niggle within us a wanting to be with them.

thank you for provoking us and prompting us to notice their want of us today.


linking with Jennifer and Emily


  1. What a reminder to see & read this morning. The years truly go by so quickly. May I cherish the time I have each day with my granddaughters & be with them, truly with them. So grateful to have stopped here from Tell His Story today!

  2. Hi Amy,

    Nice to meet you. I'm hopping over from Emily's IP link up. Your story here grabbed my attention, reminding me of times my five year old begs me to come play too. Just like with our God, I'm often too slow to turn and say yes!

    Thinking with you,
    Jennifer Dougan