Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Father, we come.

wishing and wanting and waiting.

for visions of remarkable things You will do.

we want to see the fullness of what our heart sees.

longing we are, for our hope to be realized and full.

we want to hold it and have it and say: "here, look at what God has done!"

take our expectations that our want will be satisfied.

dissolve any idea that we can create that which our minds imagine.

shield our heart from holding too tightly to our wants.

grow within us a willingness for whatever Your will is for this hope You give us.

sustain us with Your bounty of patience for the journey of its unveiling. 

remind us that You purpose this hope and that to pursue it is not a waste of life.

renew our spirits to hope in You and not close ourselves off.

take our fear and our wanting to create a comfortable story and redirect us to wait in joy.

thank you, Father, for risky, yet real hope.


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