Monday, March 31, 2014

make us people who love

Father, we come . . .

with our Bible scriptures that seek to prove a point.

with our confident assurance that what we believe is right.

with our convictions so strong that we think we're so sure we understand Your love.

we've been wrong.

Your love is so much more than we've ever understood it to be.

Your love is so much more intense than we've ever imagined it to be.

Your love is so much more encompassing than we've ever dared consider it to be.

we've been judgmental.

pious and accusatory, we've been.

prideful and dismissive, we've been.

prejudice and condemning, we've been.

we've not understood love.

help us to see how You see.

help us to remember that You make the guest list.

help us to consider that You love beyond our limits.

we need You.

less of our opinions and more acceptance.

less of our stammers and more openness.

less of our restrictions and more willingness.

make us people who love.


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