Tuesday, March 18, 2014

hope-filled surrender

Father, we come. 

with bruised hearts. 

with burdened souls. 

with buried fears. 

Father, we come. 

with gratitude that You fill us. 

with gratitude that You make us whole. 

with gratitude that You redeem us. 

Father, we come. 

with hope for You to be true.  

with hope for You to be seen.

with hope for You to come. 

Father, we come. 

with a need for Your peace. 

with a need for Your grace. 

with a need for Your love. 

Father, we come. 

with confession that we assign a destiny to our story based on our circumstances. 

with confession that we control our situation to possibly get what we want. 

with confession that we want comfort more than we want to be patient. 

Father, we come. 

with acknowledgement that our ways might not be Your ways. 

with anxiousness that our waiting will not be wasteful. 

with acceptance that Your will might not be our want. 

Father, we come.

with eagerness for our hope to be realized. 

with expectation for You to fulfill our visions. 

with excitement for the roof to be blown right off our faith.

Father, we come. 

with wanting for Your Kingdom to come. 

with wanting for Your Bread to fill. 

with wanting for Your will to be done . . . amen. 

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