Monday, March 17, 2014

different standards

Father, we come.

in confession that we have been laboring for control.

and trying so hard to do everything we think is "right".

we're exhausted and overwhelmed.

help us to loose our standards of ourselves and everyone around us.

might soul-less things not stress us out and waste our precious attention.

we need You to refocus us on what matters most.

to trust that You will bring order to the chaos that distracts us.

shield us from the temptation to create comfortable situations.

tether us to You.

soften us to be less rigid and firm.

help us to give to others, even though it costs us.

might we be overwhelmed to share Your grace.

pour out of us and into the hearts of others, Father.

might we strive to belay and build up.

instill within us the hard work and discipline of listening and loving gently.

might Your gentle strength be evident in us.

shift our standards today.


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