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Commissioned a Warrior :: her worship

The following is a post by Carol Hulin, a "non-blogger" whose worship is truly, no small thing. I've invited Carol here to this place and toast of her willingness to choose yes to an invitation specifically meant for her uniquely crafted and purposed life. 

God weaved our stories, Carol and me. He gave me eyes to see and a passion to tell of her worship. And He made it be today . . . her birthday, of all days! 

Prayer Warrior. A phrase you will not find in the Bible, yet is used extensively in Christian circles.
I cannot say I like those words. But they seem to follow me around wherever I go. You see, I pray for women. I am prompted to pray for these women. I HAVE to pray for them or I cannot sleep at night.
For me, praying for them is as natural as my heart beating without any conscious thought from me.
I just do it. It flows from me in ways I cannot understand. And I am not sure I want to understand it all; to unveil the mysteries of how God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and prayer all intertwine together.

To pray is to release a burden inside me that weighs me down. That aches and churns within me as it seeks to be brought to the Father. 

But I do not stand like a warrior in full battle gear attempting to break into the throne room of our God. No, I approach Jesus more like a neighbour and we talk to each other over a privet hedge that separates our two worlds.
I just do it. It flows from me in ways I cannot understand . . . To pray is to release a burden inside of me that weighs me down. 
Amazingly, Jesus wants to hear prayers. He wants people to pray for each other. He wants intercessors to stand in the gap for others who cannot pray. Oh, how He wants prayers from us rising to Him so that He can present those requests, pleas and praises to His Father.
And out of that prompting, this shy, introvert type has contacted these women and said: "I'm praying for you." 

They have not thought I was crazy, but have embraced me and become family.
And it all started with one . . . 

: : : 

There I was sitting in a training event five years ago, minding my own business. Not expecting to be prompted to pray. 
The trainer, Melanie got up to speak. 


Immediately I knew I was to pray for this woman. 

I remember being confused on the whole praying issue and arguing in my mind with God and thinking: What, Me?! Are you kidding? I don’t even know her. You’ve got the wrong girl, Lord; surely not me!
Yet, at the same time there was a sense of "Yes, let’s do this."

I so wanted to be in Melanie’s corner, praying for her. I knew that even though we did not know each other, I could pray for her. 

I could help her, even if we lived miles apart and never got to know each other. 
What, Me?! . . . You'e got the wrong girl, Lord; surely not me! 
Eventually I felt prompted to email Melanie and let her know someone was there for her, raising her name to His throne. 

Thankfully she didn’t think I’d lost my mind. She has been gracious over those five years; she has encouraged me, thanked me, sent prayer requests to me, and become a friend. I’m even starting to dream of the next step, which is getting together in person and pray together.
Five years, one person. I did not think it was meant to be more then that one. And then, Wham . . . again.

: : : 

I had been reading Amy’s blog for a couple of months when the "wham" happened. It was a middle of the night have-to-pray-for-her kind of experience. 

The next morning I emailed her. She emailed me back -- thanking me and encouraging me. And our conversations and prayers since then have grown wonderfully deeper. 
Two to pray for. I was humbly honoured to put Amy and Melanie's names and needs into His hands. I could handle praying for two women on a daily basis. 
And then an explosion of sorts happened . . . 
Just when I think I have reached my maximum number, He brings one more along and somehow she fits in nicely, easily . . . never a burden.
He put a flood of women in my path all within a matter of a month or two:

Em . . . Kathy . . . Jacque . . . Crystal . . . Jessica . . . Tenley . . . Keren . . . Kris . . . Kristen . . . and Kristen . . . Lani . . . Denise . . . Lanette . . . Hillary . . . Sue . . . Martha . . . Jennifer . . . Mary . . . Anita . . . 

That’s a lot of praying and just when I think I have reached my maximum number, He brings one more along and somehow she fits in nicely, easily . . . never a burden.

Each knows I am praying for them and have been kind enough not to say No, "I don’t know you," or "I think you’re crazy!" 

Each has blessed me with their confidence and trust in me, helping to build up my self-esteem. Each has become a friend.
I do not know what the Lord has in store next. I just know He has warmed my heart and soul by bringing these women into my life. 

As much as I pray for them and hopefully help them, they help me grow, to connect, and to reach out. It is an honour to pray for them, it is a privilege. Something I do not take lightly. 

Praying for someone is sacred territory. 

     You never want to just say: Hey, Lord . . . 

     You need to, instead say: Please, Lord . . . 

For it is their tender hearts and souls being lifted to His presence and released ever so gently in to His hands.
As to whether what I do has any effect, I do not know. I just know that I am compelled, I have to pray for these women.

I am commissioned. 

All that matters to me is the doing -- being His Prayer Warrior by following His promptings. 
It is an honour . . . it is a privilege. 
It fills me with love in deep places to be entrusted to pray for these women that are His.

this is my worship.


I live in Ontario, Canada. I grew up not knowing that you could have such a thing as a personal relationship with Jesus. Thankfully, I have had an ongoing, growing relationship with Him for about 15 years. I have a degree in TV Production and in Hotel and Restaurant Operations. I've worked as a Guest Services Rep for 25 years. My creative side includes: refinishing old and/or battered furniture, photography, studying the Bible, "closet" writing, and reading, reading, reading. I do NOT blog (!), but you can find me on Twitter.

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  1. So thankful for all the prayer warriors God has placed in my life.

  2. Wow. Beautiful! I am so thankful.

  3. Wonderful. I am blessed, blessed, blessed to be one of the "Kristen's" on Carol's list. Cannot tell you how much her prayers have meant to me.

  4. Bless you Carol for being obedient to God's call...and for sharing your story!

    (Stopped over tonight from #TellHisStory)

  5. Carol! What a treat to find you here ... and to have you linking with us at #TellHisStory! You have a beautiful heart for prayer, and I have been on the receiving end of that. I want to thank you for the way you intercede. You may not know, this side of Heaven, the huge difference you are making with your commitment to pray. Much love to you.

  6. So beautifully written, Carol! So honored and blessed to be one of those Kristen's :) I can't even fathom what your prayers have done for our ministry in Moose Factory! Thank you for your consistent prayer over my life and ministry and the lives of so many other women. It makes such a difference!

  7. I'm grateful to be one of your prayer recipients. It's humbling and a sweet reminder that Jesus sees me! Bless YOU for your faithful prayers, Carol.