Monday, July 8, 2013

beauty of the dark unwrapped

i stood back watching the family i was with chat and laugh together.

grown up big-cousin-love and the littles loving on the bigs and all the happiness nestled in between.

soaking it in, i thought about the way ours is welcomed and accepted by them.

these people who are our family, too.

conversations were abundant and long.

we spent more time with these people than we ever had before. and it felt good.

driving home all i could think about was the beauty of the dark.

my groom was included. which means we were included.

and if it weren't for his father being his father, we wouldn't have been there.

or here, in this home -- our home, with this boy who looks like those boys.

beauty redeemed.

it is all so remarkable. breathtaking. 

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