Thursday, January 10, 2013


I don't know what they are for sure, these dreams that swirl around in the *whirl and twirl* of my days.
They're there, though. Strong and Real.

The swirling is what makes it all so vague. Not calm and clear. Just swirls. I'm trying to See through them and I catch glimpses of color. Bright and brilliant colors.

My heart's bending low -- Asking. Waiting. Expecting. Anticipating.

I'm remembering that here is where He wants me to See.

     Not there. Not then. Not when. Just here.

The dreams aren't clear. They aren't certain. And I'm afraid of that tendency in me to crave perfection, and so I hesitate to even name a dream that surfaces in the swirl. Because, what if I'm wrong?

Dreams are dreams, though. And there isn't a wrong.

I tell myself this and still, I hesitate to choose this, right Now.

I'm waiting. And listening. 

Choosing, trust.

Dream God-sized Dreams

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  1. "...what if I'm wrong?" Yes. I get that completely. Your post is just so beautiful and honest. I can't wait to hear more about your journey...

  2. Those hazy, fuzzy dreams are confusing. But when I get clarity, it often takes the mystery and the magic away. A little uncertainty is good for my faith

  3. I stumbled across your twitter page and blog tonight. Funny, cause then I see my good friend David Rupert was the last person to comment on this post. The timing is definitely all God. :-) "I'm remembering that here is where He wants me to See." That is so what I needed to read tonight, Amy. Nice post and love your blog. Blessing to your family, and keep writing! -b