Friday, January 11, 2013


We've been talking about Dreams in this space and many of my writer friends are, too.

It's a dreamy sort of year for me. As an *ideation* and *futuristic* girl (according to StrengthsFinder*), it's usually dreamy for me a lot of moments wrapped up in a single day.

I've so many dreams that I sometimes don't know where to begin.

And so, I begin here, at my heart. Right where He first swept me up and spoke my name, Beloved.

Any. Thing. and I am willing have been two sentences I've prayed in the dreamy places, as I've been uncertain of even my faith. As I've questioned His truth. And just Him.

He gives me permission to doubt. Freedom, actually. And it's a gift. I'm seeing He uses those moments to bring me closer, ever closer.

I'm seeing purpose here.

So I'm going to dive, right into this gift of Me, just as I am . . . doubt covered and all.

This choosing -- this "Yes!" -- is freeing. It's {Grace}.

Today's post was part of my friend, Lisa-Jo's fun challenge each Friday to take five and Just. Write.

     "...for five, short, bold beautiful minutes... unscripted and unedited...
     without worrying if it's just right or not."

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Dream God-sized Dreams

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  1. diving into this gift of me---i like those words. freeing. empowering. truth. and i think God likes that :-)
    i've been enjoying reading about everyone's God-sized dreams lately. beautiful stuff. looking forward to watching the journey.

  2. Hi Amy
    Yes, when we need to ask Him to believe, for we truly do believe, I think we understand grace so much better. I don't think we are able to truly believe if our faith is not a gift from Him, just like your doubt. I hope this makes sense.
    Hugs XX

  3. i found you on Jumping Tandem... but it was your five minute friday post that made me take the leap and dive right in... okay silly pun. but seriously it was your post that encouraged me to finally join 5 minute friday. these words to be exact, "So I'm going to dive, right into this gift of Me, just as I am . . . doubt covered and all." thanks for the encouragement.

    1. 5 Minute Friday is a challenge to See just how He speaks to us without focusing on getting it right. So glad you'll join us!

  4. I love Strengths Finder! I also have ideation :) Here's to a year of diving in and receiving grace.

  5. I love that He gives us room to doubt. To put fingers into flesh and feel the wound like Thomas, that we may know the truth and believe. I believe and doubt and struggle and in it all He pulls me closer still. Love your authentic telling of you and your God!

  6. What a beautiful post, your blog is so very inspiring!

    Ashley from

    1. I trust God uses these words He inspires me to write. Thank you for your encouragement.