Thursday, November 1, 2012


A lot of announcements were made at the office today.

I was surprised by all of them.

Usually I'm *in the know* -- connected to decision-making. Already primed for news like this.

Recently, however, the person I was reporting to left for another position elsewhere. I was in that person's inner circle and so with him no longer here, I am (mostly) out of the loop. And that's okay. Surprises can be good sometimes.

When the news of so many changes were shared with our team today, I nearly felt myself jumping up and down with anticipation of what might be. I'm like that -- a change-can-be-good, seize-opportunity kind of girl.

A year from now, my life could be very different. I know this to be true every day. But I could see something that could happen much earlier than I anticipated. And it could mean that I stay.

I could be doing exactly what I boldly and confidently declared I would not ever do.
And what I said I never want to do.

And now, I'm learning what eating words tastes like.

Because, what we think is good for us isn't always what's best for others.

For awhile I've been thinking about the Bigger and Different that I feel led to. Yet, staying is something I know is right for me right now. It doesn't mean forever. It just means that staying now is necessary for later.

Not too long ago I took a test to discover my strengths.

And I found myself frustrated because what I always knew to be true was affirmed. I felt suffocated in that I wasn't taping into my strengths a lot of the time.

So I set out with a deliberate chasing after doing work that engulfs my strengths. And I feel free to fully embrace Me.

The work itself may not be exactly where I want to be. But it's meaningful. And it's worth doing.

And that matters most.


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