Tuesday, November 6, 2012

wonder and a dream

Last week I was blown away by a simple comment by an eight-year-old Boy-Man.

The child who calls me Momma stepped outside of himself for one speck of a moment and thought of others.

He shared a God-size dream and *I noticed.*

It was simple, really. Perhaps not even intentional. Maybe attention seeking.

But the thing is, I noticed. And he said it. 

He trick-or-treated for UNICEF and declared he wanted to raise enough money for a school. 

Perhaps it was the voice of his teacher who instigated the thought and taught her class about the power of giving and the purpose of the little box. 

He paid attention, nonetheless. And something One provoked his heart. 

: : :

Education matters. 

It's empowering. It's confidence building. It's life changing. 

Yesterday I blew it in the patient category. 

     I wanted more from that Boy-Man than he was willing to give. 

     I saw more potential than he wanted to admit. 

     I nearly demanded his attention and controlled his choices. 

The visions I have for the Boy-Man...and our lives...and the world...are B I G, and I am sometimes doubt-filled of this hope that wells within me.

All these thoughts come swirling together today -- the Boy's comment and my dreams. 

And I wonder...

What is He doing in us? 

     The sprinkles of consideration for another...

     The Hope that rushes forth...

     The visions for leading...

How will we be a part of this? 

I wonder...

And I stand ready. 


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