Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I am Seeing more fully these days.

The ways He moves in me. And through me. And around me.

His presence and how He is so real. Powerful. Just so incredibly Amazing

And I've been wrecked.

By grace.

She stands taller. More confident in trusting that her story does, indeed, have purpose. All of it.

And she is more peace-filled.

When I look in her eyes I see her heart.

I want to love her.

All of her. 

And I know, He's done this.

He's moved in such a steady, gentle, yet powerful way that my own strength has come undone

     The strength that clung to the belief I was worth less. The strength that made me quiet and cower.

     The strength that ugly ol' pride told me I had so much of.

     The strength women tell other women to reach for. And the mantra I aspired to believe.

As it turns out, I'm not *strong.* 

He is. And in me, His strength is evident.

It's a perspective that gives Him honor. It's inside-out thinking. It's worship lived out. 

I'm awake to this grace.

How my faith has been widened. Expanded actually. And yet, there's truth that it'll stretch even more in my story living.

     Pregnant with Hope.
          Wondering if I can possibly get any bigger.
               And I do.
                    Miraculously, I stretch wider than it ever seemed possible.
                         And I will even more.

He moves in us and invites us to live out the ways He made us.

His art cannot be stuffed in or boxed up. 
     Eventually He unearths *us* within our soul. 

Because God doesn't make beauty for some day. He makes it for Every day.

I don't want to save my telling of His Handiwork for my grand-babies and dinner tables. I want to tell of Him *now.*

The art is in our awakening. 

We are Awake because He made us so.

It's a truth we cannot deny. An obvious one.

     Yet it's one seem to forget as we hustle and bustle through the *whirl and twirl.*

And so, I {pause} and give Him honor here. Where these words find a home. And where the courage to *Be* how He made me is typed out.

I tell of His grace. How I've been changed and I'm being changed.

I write what I See, a heart full of dreams.

I am obedient to the awakening.


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  1. Because God doesn't make beauty for some day. He makes it for Every day....

    Amy, this was absolutely beautiful. I had to read it twice. So glad I stopped by today...

  2. Thank you for sharing, this is a lovely post on grace.

  3. Oh, may we all be this, awake to His grace. What a beautiful way to see it, to open ourselves wide to all the seeing that amounts to peaceful living and the purest kind of love. Thank you for your words. Bless you, friend.

  4. I love the imagery of Him unearthing us in our soul. (There's treasure buried deep and it's sooo worth pursuing.) Beautiful.

  5. "the art is in our awakening." beautiful, amy. thank you.

  6. Awakening ...