Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why we've never hired a babysitter

In over seven years of parenting we've never hired a babysitter.


Sure, we've had people other than us be with our child while we could not.

But, it's not often. And only when necessary.

It's been our conviction to be involved. 
{And maybe our obsession, too.}

We realize it takes a village to raise a family.
We appreciate the impact others make.

And so, when we've needed help we've looked around us and asked those closest to our family--

Sister-in-law and mother. Friends.
Never a person we hardly know.

Partly because our son sleep-walks.
And partly because we made a conscious decision not to.

I take one day off from work a month for a date day.
We get more for our mileage, so to speak.
While the Boy is at school, my groom and I have each other.

We also have lunch together frequently during the week.
And we talk. Every. Day.

We never go away without our child, either.
Our choice was Family and Togetherness.

It costs us a lot to do this choice. 

I work full-time and travel overnight.

My groom is the steady partner who manages our family, schedule, errands, finances, shopping, cleaning, homework helping...

Weekends are restful and chaotic. Together.

This works for us.

It took me years to let go of expectations others inadvertently place on us.
It still takes me courage to choose gratefulness and see joy.

I don't care what you do and it's not in my interest to even ask.
How you live is your choice.

There is no right or wrong. Just choices. 

We're all different. He made us with purpose.
And so I trust in the purpose of our unique choices, and yours too.

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