Wednesday, December 14, 2011

a challenge to See

He asks her if he can play a Christmas song, and she considers.

She turns and asks me if he's been playing by himself. He has surprised her by his responsibility to practice on his own.

She tells me his cognitive development is sky rocketing. He is retaining what he learns and doesn't need reminders.

A week goes by and at his next lesson she gives him sheet music.
     His first project piece.

I cringe, doubtful at his readiness.

There's no way he can do this.

I fret over wondering if he's been set up to fail.

Maybe he's not ready for this. 

She knows the Boy's abilities, even more than he does.

The look on his face says it all. She has entrusted him with responsibility and he is thrilled to seize it. Unafraid.

He pecks out note-by-note and it takes seven days to play the song all the way through, each day playing one line at a time.

He practices twice a day now. And each day his fingers break the habits they created. Each day the song sounds more recognizable.

I am amazed.

There is nothing that I did to help the Boy play piano like he is doing now. He is doing this completely on his own, still note-by-note but smoother now.

Staccato is more jumpy. Chords are more solid.

The abilities packed inside this little Boy-Man astound me.

Seeing encourages me to step back even more. 

I watch and listen. 

Truth tells me that the Boy isn't mine entirely, he is His.

He will lead him.
He will guide him.
He will speak to his heart perfectly.

In the process, I grow. And learn. And trust.

I Rest in this {Grace} to See


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  1. Such a beautiful reminder! I was just thinking about how my children are really God's and how I need to continually grow in my trust for how He will lead them into His plans. Your post was a beautifully written confirmation of that which was in my heart. Thank you!

  2. Amy,

    I am honored and humbled by your thoughts. Thanks for sharing Gabe with me!

  3. Great post and great pictures! He needs these days and these experiences to spread his wings.

  4. I love the teacher's trust in your boy. All i ever need is someone to believe in me