Wednesday, November 16, 2011

living gratefully :: quiet

He's chosen to use his evening time for quiet.

Seated at the kitchen table with a pad of paper and a pencil, he writes.

Quietly his mind is practicing creative

After awhile he tells me that he is writing a book. With multiple chapters.

I see a sketch in there, too.

The way his mind works and he chooses to write, it just amazes me.

This Boy who once was overwhelmed with fatigue just to write a little bit, now sits and writes a lot--on his own.

This Boy who dresses in all crazy costumes and has a mind meant for make believe.

This Boy bubbling over with creative.

I See how the quiet gives him space for his mind to stretch wide and breathe. 

I watch him hold his head with one hand, elbow resting on the table.
His mouth moves with the words he writes.
He sniffles and wipes his nose, often I realize, too busy to stop for a tissue.

My own need for quiet is heavy. 

I'm reaching for Rest today and falling into it.
And it isn't the nap kind as much as the choice kind.

I hear the clock tick and hear his page turn.

This quiet is truly delightful.

Seeing this is my gratitude, and choosing it is my worship. 


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  1. Beautiful! I had my own "quiet moment" this morning and can relate to the feeling of gratefulness that it produces.