Tuesday, November 15, 2011

living gratefully :: rest

It brings me to Him--Every. Time.

Though I may resist the tug {or at least try to}, I always find my way to His feet.

Perfection-seeking makes me flail and flop around.

Idolizing self makes me nearly forget the importance of God.

I forget that it's good to need Him. It's so much more than that.

The roller coaster emotions of life are stress
     --from sheer happiness to gut wrenching fear.

And stress compromises health and wellness.

I am never perfectly well or perfectly healthy.

Always needing Him.

This time, stress brings me to His feet all along.

Yet, once the peek of it is over and we're nearing the end of the ride, I feel the weight of it. The heaviness.

All I can do is rest. 

This is my gratitude. And choosing it is my worship.

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