Wednesday, November 2, 2011

living gratefully :: community

I grew up in the town where I live now. Yet, I'm getting to know so many people for the first time, all who have lived here since I was young.

My eyes are Seeing people I never noticed before. 

Fear of what *they* will think about me and worry of what my place is has dissolved {even just a little bit}.

We're raising our children together. And truly, it takes a village.

My son is benefiting from the time, care and attention people give him as coaches of the sports he plays.

When our children are sick, we exchange experiences and it gives us each comfort in knowing something is just going around. 

Parades. Concerts. Games. Shoppers strolls. Many events bring our community together. Even sickness and death.

It's not a perfect place. 
There is tension, politics and difficult situations among us. 
But still, there is *community*.  

We know we're not as safe as we sometimes feel. Doors need to be locked and sometimes backs need to be watched. But, there's comfort here.

The morning's resemble Grand Central Station with all the people out early--many runners, walkers and cyclists. If I ever needed any help, the unknown friend who passes me most morning's would lend a hand; I'm certain.

*Community* is just what I didn't know I needed, never thought I wanted, and nearly always grumbled about.

*Community* is what helped me See love all around me. 

When I fret about my child and blabber about motherhood being so blessed hard sometimes, and sit in a stinky pile of pride and shame, *community* affirms me and tells me I'm not alone.

Dear Lord, I am humbled to give thanks for where I live, the people around me and all of their unique stories that add value to my own life.  
This *thanks* is my worship, to you. 

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  1. Yes, sweet Amy. Where would we be without community, without fellow believers who willingly walk along side us? I can't imagine... we all need this gift. I have been astounded at the support of friends I have met online... I never imagined! Bless you, friend.

  2. So true. Definitely was blessed to grow up in a community like you describe, and am thankful for it again this week as those wonderful people are helping care for my mom who had a fall this past week. ~Frances