Thursday, November 3, 2011

living gratefully :: understanding

when I lean low and tell the Boy that I understand his feelings, something moves in him.

I explain to him that I feel very much the same.
I tell him that it makes me sad that he's sad.

There's a glimmer of relaxing in his shoulders and peace washed across his face.

It's amazing {Grace} to him. That he's understood.

He doesn't have to put on airs. He doesn't have to fake it.
He can be free in living his feelings.

The Boy is only seven and though he doesn't realize any of this {yet}, as his mother I intercede for his feelings on his behalf.

I help him Find them. Name them. Own them.

Ask the Boy how he's doing and you'll likely get the same answer: Fine.

But if you lean low and invite him to be honest...
...invite him to really dig deep and share...
...tell him he can tell you anything...
...maybe ask a few questions that seem unrelated (yet they are)...
...and maybe even share your own story...

Truth comes out--timidly, yet forward she walks.

Like my dog who is nervous of {mostly} all things, fear of being honest makes a person cower. Knees shaking and head hanging low, moving forward is achingly difficult.

*Understanding* softens those feelings; rubs the neck and loosens the tense muscles fear knots up.

Muscles need to be worked and *Understanding* helps massage them, give warmth and energy.

*Understanding* gives Freedom to live.

When I'm too quick to respond...too questioning...too demanding...too manager-like and less leader-like...too accusatory...too prideful...too opinionated...too critical...

Freedom freezes up and an army stands ready at the defense.

Yet, when *Understanding* flashes bright colors through dark, broken, bitter me...

     Freedom swims--in pools of Grace.

And I See.

I See Him more clearly, living out through me.

And it can only be Him. Certainly not me.

Choosing *Understanding* because He gives me the strength, this is my Worship and I live it gratefully.

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  1. Oh my goodness! This is a post that every single mom or dad in the world could benefit from hearing. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!