Tuesday, November 8, 2011

living gratefully :: character

There's balance found in the relationship my groom and I share together.

I ventured out late in my high school years and into my college years. I tried new things and looked for acceptance in the blending in with the choice activities of most teenagers. I failed miserably at trying to be someone who I was never meant to be. Yet, I See the good in that trying, as risky as it was. And I also see my Father's protection.

Conversely, my groom followed the rules; though, for him there weren't many. He was actually encouraged to try different things and be like the others, when maybe the person encouraging should have supported his wisdom. He knew who he was. For him, maybe he was trying to blend in with the right crowd and not the ones who would bring him down. Whatever his reasons, His Father has made good out of them.

I could feel badly about the choices I made. And I have. Looking at my groom I've wallowed in pity over not staying true to myself way back then. I knew who I was and I didn't trust in the purposes of my own life.

What I choose to do now is trust 
     ...that there is purpose in the freedom of our choices. 
      ...that our marriage is blessed from our differences.

On either side of our choices there is our own individual character. The raw, authentic, real parts of ourselves can never be extinguished or dissolve away and our uniqueness is necessary for our togetherness.

Thank you, Father, for helping me to See the purpose in our uniqueness. 
For our character, I give thanks. And this is my worship.

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  1. And you both are amazing people. Because of your choices. Because of your Father. Because your lives reflect the Father's heart as He pursues His beloved. How He uses all for His glory. And as you live your lives together the music that is made is so incredibly beautiful - i can even hear it now.
    I love you both. so.much.

  2. The "issues" we have is where God shines the brightest in our lives. Cracks where He mends. For all of us. Beautiful words here.