Friday, October 14, 2011

Five Minute Friday :: catch

You think you don't smile and I know otherwise.

The way your heart radiates joy, it's sometimes hard to see when you live with such intensity--always concerned for our well being. 

But when you surrender into the moment and trust in our happiness, I catch you drift into a place where you are free from the burden of keeping us safe and teaching us.

I catch you smile when I dance all wildish, *whirling and twirling* in my own living for a moment when I don't care what others think.

I catch your eyes closed and joy painted on your face when our son wraps his arms around you, sharing love that has grown in his heart. You feel accepted and treasured, for who you are and not what you've done.

I can See it.

Life is hard sometimes and it's often just too serious. But when I catch you letting loose and falling into a moment with abandoned fears, a piece of me feels the invitation to live free-er, too.

Will you catch me, and might I inspire you?

(Written for my groom; my blessing to partner with in this life.)

On this day of most every week I write for just five minutes.

These days can be a challenge for me because as my groom says, I'm more of a novelist and not a short story teller; a (middle-)distance runner, not a sprinter. 

It's a challenge to See *purpose* in the brief, and like running I often think if it's not long it's not worth it. So, these five-minute sessions are important training for me, too. They're like the days when I do tempo runs instead of six-milers. Necessary.

I invite you to join me in today's brief, but necessary workout. Grab a napkin or your own spot in the corner of the web world. Visit other hearts, and share a little encouragement while you're at it. We all need a coach.

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  1. Oh Amy!
    This is a beautiful post! And yes, don't we take life too seriously at times? Such beauty happens when we "fall into a moment."
    You must make sure that your "groom" reads this.
    Blessings and love to you my friend!

  2. Oh, that is just beautiful. Those free moments sound very sweet.

  3. Beautiful post Amy. Not much else to say. Love how you see all of the best in your groom to be.

  4. oooh - I'm misty-eyed. This is how I feel when my husband let's go a little of his work-a-day worries, too. These guys carry a heavy burden. Loved this. Loved it! I've come via Incourage, but I write for Five Minute Friday, too. Glad to find you in both places - will look for you again.