Friday, August 26, 2011

Five Minute Friday :: Older

It's Friday--*Freedom Day* from my perspective; a day in the week to remind me that perfect is not the goal. And nor is even getting close to it. So I live and breathe and soak in the freedom-to-be-me, just as I am now.

I'm joining several others in heart-sharingCarve out a space {even if it's a paper napkin}, and play along, for Just. Five. 

Today's prompt:



Though I'm older doesn't make as much of a difference.

Time doesn't do the healing on its own. 

Seeing the truth in this is painful. I think I made time out to be an idol of sorts.

Hearts are wounded raw, struck and beaten with words.

We turn to time--flying away into it and taking cover from the storm.

When we think enough time has passed, and when we think we're older now and we have grown, we step out with brave feet. We walk the path toward each other and exchange a few words, only to find that time has been a band-aid and the wounds have been scabbed over.

Quickly, we retreat back into the caves of time.

The reality that just because I am older now and still the pain remains, makes me realize that healing only comes from Him. 

I trust there is purpose in it all, and I remember that only God knows what is best. Just because we think we should be ready, doesn't mean we are.

Wounds are deeper than the surface and as they become older they sometimes grow even deeper, though sometimes they heal completely.

I can only hope that there is purpose in growing older and the pain still remaining, at least for now. 

Though it appears as though there will never be true healing--relationships restored as though never broken--I know His promises are true.

Someday when I'm even older, this side of Heaven or not, there will be wounds no more.



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  1. Beautiful! Thank you for this, I definitely needed the reminder! I pray that whatever pain you are experiencing, God will take into His hands and mold for His good and glory! He's got huge plans for you, and you are touching lives right now through your beautiful heart being shared with all of us! I love it!

  2. What a beautiful reminder that it is God who heals. Yes, He does. And He does use all things for His purposes. May you be filled with Him today. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  3. Yes, our lives get older, but He does and will make all things new!

    Thank you for sharing! Have a good weekend!

  4. I wrote of this very thing the other day...time only heals if we walk down the long road of forgiveness...because it takes time to forgive...
    Pray you will continue to find that healing...thanks for sharing your heart.

  5. Wow I needed to read this.. so much I rely on time to heal me instead of focusing on His healing