Friday, August 19, 2011

are you killing your life?

The details of your life don't matter as much as you think.

I am [slowly] Seeing the truth in this, as I parent and as I simply *live*.
I am understanding the old adage, Pick your battles--{carefully}

I am discovering a bit of *freedom* in the living when I stop focusing so much.

When I stop taking everything so seriously, take a deep breath and relax a little bit...

I'm thrilled to be guest posting over at (in)courage {again} today--
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  1. it was a great post. i appreciated everything you had to say. nice to meet a new "grace-ful" blogger.

  2. Oh, did I need this I got caught up in the details and in being frustrated and flustered about the things that don't really matter.

    Perfect thing to find over at (in)courage.