Thursday, June 30, 2011

a thoughtful young man he is

Did you cancel her appointments?

Stunned that he remembered, and even more so that he cared, my mother gently responded that yes, she had. His mind was put at ease and his mind shifted back to more six-year-old thoughts and activities.

Nearly seven months later I am reminded of my son's question to my mother after the death of our grandmother.

The Boy-Man is still in his sixth year of living. Still so young. And yet, so thoughtful.

He runs clear across the field after a fellow soccer player falls, injured. No matter the team, any hurt player matters to him.

"A future teacher," his coach comments. Only God knows. Yet, I wonder.

The evidence of Grace the Boy-Man extends still amazes me. I see God's handiwork and how He is within this child.

I remember the Promise I heard once: this child will make a difference; he will bring healing to hearts as He lives in him. 

My eyes See this Truth. 

This child--this young man within this young person's body--captures my heart and twists beauty. Like a simple balloon that transforms into wondrous creations, so becomes this life of my own as I spend time with this Little-One-With-Big-Heart. I am transformed through his presence in my own whirl and twirl of life.

My Father knew I needed this Boy-Man.

He calls me Mama and I am still in awe that it is me who he is calling. The heart I once had is wrecked, tattered, torn into shreds. Life has blossomed something completely new.

I don't know who this Boy-Man will become and so much of me is excited to see. Today, though, I have the challenge of remembering that it is God who moves through this child--a careless, unreliable, ever changing little one--who is now, a gentle, caring, helpful, kind person.

When I get glimpses of the young man he is even now--how thoughtful he is--I am overwhelmed with His presence and reminded so quickly that it isn't me and what I've done. This child is evidence of Him moving through His own creation.

I get a front row seat to Grace-in-action through the heart of this small child. And goodness, how I have been touched by that truly Amazing {Grace}.

I. See. Him. 

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