Monday, June 27, 2011

courage to Consider

As I grow, I am realizing that there is significant importance in Considering.

To pause and Consider is evidence of maturity.

Risk-taking sounds so courageous. But, risk-taking requires Considering.

It isn't all the time that *risks* need to be taken.

We need to Consider the appropriate risks to take, and when to take them. 

As believers, we have A Gift offered to us--and He helps us weigh the Considerations.

The Considering part of any decision [*risk*] is especially important to my Groom. He recognizes how the long-view needs to be considered.

What will our days look like?  
What will this decision mean for us?  
What would the impact be, not just on us but on others, too.

My Groom is much better at Considering than me.

Sometimes, my Groom seems to make a good decision quickly. He's more experienced in thoughtfully-considering.

But, my Groom is not a knee-jerk-response kind of guy and if he isn't certain of the best decision, he reverts to I don't know. Still, though, there are times when I try to get him to answer on the spot and provide more details--questioning, what does *I don't know* mean? And, I'm learning, sometimes I don't know is the best answer for the time.

I am not particularly good at Considering. 

I'm impatient and fearful. Those two mixed together concoct indecisiveness and mind-changing. I often go back on my decision after considering.

My Father wants different of me--He wants better for me. 

He wants me to live in a way that is better for me--a life with less stress.  He doesn't want me to have to take time cleaning up after a changed decision.

My Father wants me to Consider well, move on it, and then live with it the best I can.

I won't make the perfect decisions when I Consider, but I will make better decisions and learn to lean on Him for acceptance of those decisions.

He's breaking me into this Considering.

I am Seeing that Considering has a quietness to it. A slower, more deliberate pace. A willingness to See what a situation will be like from all sides, and to realize the long view.

Jobs ... Children ... Attitudes... Actions ... Food...

He helps me Consider every aspect of my life. 
And when I Seek Him, I See the answer best for me at the time, a whole lot clearer. 

Thank you, Father, for the ways that you slow me down and help me to Consider--thoughtfully, carefully, and with a heart to worship you in the living.


Gratitude for Unwrapped *Gifts* of {Grace} ...

... how my Boy-Man still fits in my arms ...

... cookouts with {new} friends and the sweetness of a shared meal ...

... Freedom to be loved ...

... Seeing *Gentleness* from my Boy-Man ...

... a Vision for my future ...

... summer's bounty ...

... Sunshine! ...

... how my Groom cares how I feel ...

... Seeing *You are beautiful* in the eyes of my Boy-Man ...

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  1. "I won't make the perfect decisions when I Consider, but I will make better decisions and learn to lean on Him for acceptance of those decisions." YES! Isn't this what we are supposed to practice, considering and then stepping forward in faith that God will be there as we move? This was a good post, and very thought provoking about why we make the choices we do, and how often do I consider things before leaping in... your list is so lovely. Bless you, friend.