Tuesday, May 10, 2011

live *this* life

The one you've got isn't perfect.  There are times you question it and you ponder it.  You wrestle with your life and get all bruised up from the flailing about - cause you can't beat yourself at your own game.

The life you've got isn't what she has.  It isn't what it should have been.

The life you've got has problems.  The life you've got isn't good enough.  The life you've got has shoddy parts and parts that are pretty warn and parts you'd rather not be seen.

You don't really even know whether your life has any value.  Or purpose.

(And girl, I know you're wondering why in the world do you have those hips or that nose or this attitude or these problems.)

This life you've got is far from ideal.  Totally not what you would have envisioned.

But, it's all you've got.

Face it, it's all you're gonna get.

Sure, you could change and you could spend an inordinate amount of money on changing that about you, but ultimately your life is still your life.

So, live what you've got.  Live it up.  Live it loud.  And, live it free!

...maybe then you'll begin to love it!

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  1. Amen! This is beautiful, and so is your blog.

    Be Blessed.