Wednesday, May 11, 2011

make your marriage a *work of art*

Imagine your marriage as a work of art.  Because it is.

What you do with your canvas - your years with your partner - is your worship.

Imagine the colors and texture left behind by the story you have lived.

As much as today seems like it's {just} about the regular, ol' mundane every. day charades -

wiping faces, blowing noses, potty training, homework coaching, teaching manners, disciplining child-like behavior, {trying to} accept child-like attitudes, keeping a well intentioned schedule, exemplifying good eating habits, making time to read before bed, making sure baths are taken (and done well), tucking little pitter-patters into bed, helping to develop character in our little ones, {trying to find a way to} pay the bills, working, cleaning, fixing, planning,  -

It's about so much more.

I know life feels like it's all about that long list, and more.  But it isn't.

Your life is much more than the {just seems like} merry-go-round-of-days.

Though I still have a child at home and long for another to grow, nurture, groom and guide - I know that my sole purpose isn't to be a Mama.  I was made for more than this.

I imagine what our house will sound like when there are no children laughing, running, spilling, jumping, whining, crying, teasing, or asking to wrestle.  Because someday there won't be.  And it will be quiet(er), again.

And so I choose to focus on my groom.  And our time together.  And our canvas of days.

I don't want to make up for the years when we've {only} invested ourselves in child rearing.  And though it seems so far away from now, it isn't really.  And there are no guarantees that we'll even have that long together - or event tomorrow.

Time moves {really} fast when we're in the living and {bad} stuff can happen.

More than that, there's purpose in my relationship with my Groom - purpose today for even more than raising our child(ren).  What we do for {each} other(s), and how we interact with others - what our "one thing" is together - that's what counts even more.

What if we focused on the more?  What if we deliberately chose colors to paint in the days that make our marriage?

Invest in your time together - today.  

Let him touch you.

Let him accept you - just the way you are.

Accept him for all he is, today.

Let the truth he speaks drown out all the doubt.

Make time together.

Pray together.

Dream together.

Be creative together.

Be in the moment.

Pay attention to him.

Keep your eyes fixed on what is important.

Show up.  Every. Day.

Maybe you could watch a movie a game when the kiddos go to bed...make time for lunch together, often...find an activity you both enjoy and do it some energy for him each day and give him your best attitude...spend a whole day together, regularly...

Simply - invest.  

Because, your marriage really is worth it.  Every bit of time, as difficult as it is - it matters.


  1. I love the truth of this -- the importance of being intentional in how we love, especially with the one to whom we dedicated ourselves to live our life with, as one flesh. It can be so easy to take this love for granted, as crazy as it sounds. Amy, thank you so much!

  2. I love the idea of a marriage as a canvas. . choosing to paint the picture everyday. Amen. I too can get so lost in the "list" and the "momma" that I forget the relationship with my "groom". Thank you Amy.

  3. I love this! Marriage is hard word. Anything worth anything is work. I often say "the grass isn't greener on the other side, it is greener where it is watered and fertilized." We must work at our marriage. Thank you for this reminder.