Friday, May 20, 2011

Five Minute Friday: When seasons change

Whew - Friday!

The days have a way of catching up and today I feel like slumping down in a big comfy chair to rest in the comfort of the weekend.

Writing helps me to clear my head a bit and let my heart sing.  I take a deep breath of goodness, and allow myself the freedom Friday provides to just write without focusing on doing it right.  And so, I join Lisa-Jo again in her invitation to write for five minutes - in shades of real and brave and unscripted.

This week's prompt for Five Minute Friday is:

When Season's Change...


I change when seasons change, and I can't help but notice.

As the winter is striped of color and the pace of life seems to be more cautious, so am I.  Timid of walking too fast.  Timid of stepping lest I fall.

And as the spring begins early and is laid all bare, I can't help to think the same for me.  With all I learn in the hunker down of winter, it becomes time to let my own colors grow and it feels strange to be all exposed-like.

Then, soon, life blossoms and colors explode radiantly, and so do I.  My confidence boosts and I really see all the places He's taken me in the past season.  I trust Him as I live out my purpose and help others smile with my gifts.

In the summer it's time to have fun and I think the same with us.  He clears my schedule and gives me a perspective to enjoy *this*.  This season feels the shortest and its briefness encourages me to seize every ounce of it.

And as autumn arrives and the brisk air strikes, I am ready to be challenged in a different way.  I am more ready to just lie in surrender at His feet and listen carefully to what He has to say.

When seasons change I am more aware of how I change, too.  And how He uses the season to speak to me in profound ways.



  1. " This season feels the shortest and its briefness encourages me to seize every ounce of it." Indeed. Summer flies by year after year and we are wise to soak it up, be encouraged and prepare for the fall that inevitably lies ahead ;-)

  2. Great words! It is awesome how God designs each season so uniquely different in a way that we cannot stop but notice how ourselves change with them.

  3. Yes, yes, yes! Me too!

  4. "He uses the season to speak to me in profound ways." Love that! Great picture and so true!