Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a guest post: {a raw awakening}

My spirit has gone through a dark, cold season where the story I've lived has struggled to see His grace.  In my struggling, I've been led to read back through the years of my life-story and *see* where I've been covered with my Father's love - His protection. His grace.  

During the cold winter months it seemed as though new growth was dormant, buried underneath the frozen ground, waiting to become awakened by the warmth of the sunshine and melting snow.

I'm more able to trust Him now.  The dark, cold season was His grace.

Read more of my {raw awakening} where I'm guest-posting over at (in)courage today.  

Rich blessings as you breathe in His goodness for you...                    
                        I pray you *
see* Jesus in your living this week and remember His Story.  

If you've never before visited (in)courage
I encourage you to visit. often.
It's a safe place where I hear God's voice - 
clearer than perhaps anywhere else.  

Check it out...

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