Friday, April 8, 2011

Five Minute Friday: If you met me

Another week of living.  Whew. 

[Thanks, Father, for the lessons...and the blessings...and your Grace...}

Time to roll down the windows of life a little and breathe in the joy a little more with the down shift of the week-end.  So, let's just write without specifically connecting the dots - just writing freely and real, and totally unscripted.  


If you met me, I think you'd be surprised at what you'd get.  Because, from afar I might come across as someone who I'm not really.  I tend to come across as intense and focused and kinda driven toward being someone who I'm not.  But, if you met me I think you might like me.  I hope you would, at least.  

If you met me, I think you'd find that I love to laugh and I laugh loud.  I talk a lot, but I am really interested in your life, too.  I can't help but refer to our lives as stories and talk about purpose, and joy, and gratefulness for it all.  I'd tell you about my life for sure and share some personal stories, and they'd loop back around to purpose and gladness.  

If you met me, you'd hear me talk about health and wellness, and I'd ramble almost incessantly about food and body that you'd wonder if I haven't hung up my own body image issues.  I'd admit to you that I haven't quite.  But in the listening you just might see that I am trying and I am learning to love my body, and I am trying not to overextend myself or overdo it.  I am peeling back layers and you'd see that I am in a more peaceful place in my life than I ever have been before.  If you met me I'd tell you this somehow.

If you met me, I'd mention my joy for being a mother of a little boy, and how I'm enamored with the goings on of this little boy-man.  If we were to walk together, I'd probably mention the sky a half dozen times and want to make us stop, turn around and gaze at it in wonder and awe, kinda like how I am in awe of being a mama.  

If you met me, you'd know that I tend to want everything together all nice-nice, and that I like clean and fresh and order, but that also I admire you who has the freedom in your own life to let lacrosse sticks and balls, and hockey equipment and more balls liter your front porch the way they do.  I love seeing your life lived.  You might hear me say that I watch you and that I mooch off of your happiness and your free spirit, and that the way your live your life speaks to me in powerful ways.  

If you met me, you'd learn that I need you, and I am learning that you might need me, too.


Thanks to the Lisa-Jo, the Gypsy Mama, for the prompting!


  1. It's so good to hear that another woman laughs loudly. It's that "make a joyful noise to the Lord" thing!
    The stories do indeed loop back to purpose and gladness. It's a great reminder of the content of our conversations.
    Thanks for the post. It's great food for thought.
    Love your banner photo!

  2. Love this!
    Thanks for sharing. :)