Wednesday, March 2, 2011

{Grace} for an *active life*

A slowed-down-season in my life is coming to an end.

After many adventures - including moving out of state with my family and all that came with that decision, and moving back *home* to where my groom and I were raised, then learning how to live as a family of 11 for one whole academic year - we wrapped it all up with nestling into our own abode (again), and entered into a season of a slower pace.

During our slowed down time, we were deliberate with our choices and we tried to not invite chaos into our lives.  And yet, we made (many) *new* friends and life continued to whirl and twirl around us, and we danced along joyfully.

There were a lot of just-play-times.  Early-to-bed-times.  Family-game-times.  Lots of chatting, baking, cooking, writing, laughing, wrestling, and cuddling.

*Huge discoveries* were made in the quiet and more slowed down.  

For me, this happened a lot through a job transition that took nearly two years.  In the first of the two, I was just trying to keep my naturally-over-achieving-self from going over the edge with guilt at the change in pace this job required (much more thinking).  And, in the second year I actually allowed myself the *freedom to live the job*.

The change in pace taught me {more} about *freedom to live*.

It felt good to push away the demands of the world and the expectations of society.  Our family was rejuvenated and found the simple joys all over again.

Fear and anxiety were a big part of our life for three years, and we spent much of those years knowing what would happen a good six months ahead of it happening.  It was exhausting to temper our enthusiasm and live in the moment

This past year has felt lovely - absolutely lovely.  I've lived {more} in the moment and not {so far} ahead.  I reached a point where I really am grateful for today, and I really cannot muster the strength to think about tomorrow.  And truly, it breaks my heart to get distracted and steal from today's joy's.

The other day I wrote about some anxiety I was having over all the *choices* life has to offer, and how the {little-ish} big-choices our family is facing - what sports and how many activities, and whether the cost is worth it - reminded me of all I learned in that slowed-down-season in our lives.

I learned a lot.

Being deliberate and thoughtful with every decision {with our time} brings greater rewards, and less regrets.

At the same time I wrote about our anxieties, I also talked about *moving forward* - even when we don't have all the answers, or when we might not feel ready {yet}.

Sometimes we just have to step out of the boat.  

Our slowed-down-season of life is coming to an end and our lives will see more activity.  I've come to appreciate the anticipation of the change that is coming in our lives.  I welcome the busy schedules we'll encounter.  I feel good about our choices.  I know the busyness is all good.

The man-boy will learn new things.  He will discover more about music and himself.  *Someone new* will have an influence on this child, through teaching piano, and also with the start of a new sport and the continuation of another.

He's six and longs to be in activities where his friends are, and I understand that desire.  And yet, as his parent I know he'll connect with a different part of our community, and he'll experience different things by giving them a try.

I'll connect with more people, too.  And it'll be an adventure for me.  I'm naturally inclined to be *introverted* - tending to shy away from reaching out - and I know that the new-ness in our Spring will enhance my life.

I'm thinking about taking a *risk* in a personal way and exploring my creativity a little more, and that's exciting.  And scary.  Just one more thing to add to the list, and perhaps the one-more-thing that could make *all the difference*.

Perspective makes all the difference.

Right now, busy-ness will be a very good thing for my family and me.  We'll apply what we've learned in the time our life has been slowed down.  Our energy is renewed and our minds refreshed.  We're ready for {more} activity.

Busy will {hopefully} be done gracefully.  But I know it could end up sloppy.  Either way, it'll be good for us.

We'll have another slowed-down-season again, but for now it's exciting to step out of the boat and say yes to the *new* - and to receive Grace for an *active life*!

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