Wednesday, February 9, 2011

growing into love

I've been thinking about how we don't know what we don't know.

It took me awhile to learn about Love.

And then it took me awhile more to grow into it, and I know I'm growing, ever yet.

I didn't know how to be genuinely loved.  I hadn't really experienced it without conditions.

This Man was teaching me about love all those years ago, and his teaching continues even now, a decade into our life together as one.  Although he's had his share of times he's been upset at me, and frustrated, and annoyed...he loves me, still.

Sometimes I sound so unattractive, sometimes smell so foul, sometimes look so far away...

There was a time when I nearly bit his finger off...
            delivering our baby boy...

I smelled like milk for over a year...
             providing nourishment for our little miracle.

I came to him a little more worn from life than I wish I had.

There were so many times when I've yelled and screamed at him, and even our son.

In all of my living and all of who I am, he loves me.  He stays by me.

Everyday is the Sweetest Gift when he comes home to me, or when he opens his arms wide to me, or when he tells me he loves me, even after a two minute phone conversation.

The continual commitment of living side-by-side is a daily gift to our marriage.
This Man is a gift to me - my forever kind of gift for as long as we both live.  He's my thankful joy today - this Man, who I adore and admire and treasure beyond all else.

My friend since the seventh grade.  My groom.


Thank you, God, for this Man who you use Every. Single. Day to show me your love for me.

Thank you for your Grace that allows me to try my hand at reciprocating that love the very best I know how.

 Most especially, thank you for the ways you step in where I can't step up.

 You're amazing, Lord.  Simply amazing.

 May my thankfulness be an offering to you...  

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  1. I TOTALLY get the whole smelling like milk thing. My twin daughters are a year old--still nursing. They love us anyway, our men--how blessed we are!