Sunday, January 16, 2011

telling our story

There comes a time when telling our story becomes necessary.  Almost as if it we can't move forward without snuggling in close and letting the pages of our lives reveal themselves.  Where doing anything else almost seems impossible to even fathom until we hunker down and give words to the pictures that play on our heart.

Some stories are bound up and tucked neatly on a shelf - way up on the highest shelf and placed carefully in the back - so that nothing can damage it.  Yet, by not telling the story it almost loses its meaning.  If not read, the story seems invisible and without purpose.  

Each story has meaning.  This meaning can transform perspective.  Stories can be viewed from many angles and as such, people can be reached in different ways in its telling.

I've come to the point in my life where it's time to tell some of my story.  It's necessary.  The time has come for me to step up to that high shelf that I can barely reach, even on my tippy toes, and carefully pull it down my story for dusting and sharing.  There's meaning in my story.  There's purpose.  There's perspective to be learned from, and Grace to be appreciated.

Growth has come from my story.  Mostly, growth in the courage to tell my story.  Yet, courage is just what seems to be wavering as I prepare for the somewhat public release of just a tiny speck of my story.  It's scary and daunting to think of how my story can affect other people - even the people who might be involved with my story now or who were a part of my story then.  But I have to tell it.  I have to begin the journey of courageously stepping out in a bold way and living wholly-me.  I need to live genuinely - it's the only way I can have integrity to help others to freely tell their story and receive Grace for themselves.

And so, early in this coming week I'll be taking some of my first steps toward a *bold risk*.  I may lose friends.  I may gain friends.  I may hurt a family member, or even two, as my story is dusted off and the pages turned.  But whatever happens, I know that I'll be honoring my story in its telling, and that's worship.

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  1. I found your blog through InCourage. I am a new follower and look forward to reading more inspiring posts!