Wednesday, January 26, 2011

being noticed

"Slay the desire to be noticed," Max Lucado.

Don't we all want to be? 

Isn't it human want to be noticed?

It is, and it is accepted within our society.  But, does it mean it's good for us?

Just like the next chick, I want to be noticed.  I want my words to be story to be be worth footprints to be recognized.

A life of purpose.  We all want it. 

I know I want to be used.  Really used.  For lives to be impacted by the choices I make, and for others to be led to a greater recognition of Peace, Love, Grace to bring them closer to a life of Freedom.  Freedom to live as they were designed - authentically *themselves*.

Yet, in between those good desires, do you see selfishness?  Do you see hypocrite-me?  I say these things and then I look around me, seeing if anyone is paying attention to what I say or do.  I wonder if the man next door sees me running each morning or playing with my son in the evening.  I wonder if what I've done has inspired anyone to make a different choice for themselves - a good choice.


Want. To. Be. Noticed.

Living for an Audience of One is a great concept and it sounds all wonderful, so holyWhen it comes down to it, and life is whirling, twirling around us and we're really honest with ourselves, I bet most of us want to be noticed. 

The desire is huge. 

Look. At. Me. 

I. Just. Did. Something. Great.

We pay so much attention to other people, how can we not think others pay attention to us?  

What if we started by paying less attention to the minute details of everyone else's lives?  What if we did something else with the time we take to read other people's facebook status updates? 

We gossip.  We friend people to be nosey about their lives.  We peer out our window and turn around gasping, did you just see what she did?!

Our eyes are laser focused. On. Others.  And then we turn to ourselves and try to apply what we see around us to our own unique lives.  No wonder so many of us have body image issues - we think we're supposed to look like her

And when we see someone hurting or having made a mistake, we look the other way - declaring that we're better.  Look at us in all of our goodness. 

What if for just a day we felt less eyes on us, and we withdrew our own gaze from others' lives, and we just lived.   

Just lived. Our. Own. Lives.

We add to the desire and compulsion of wanting to be noticed when we focus so much of our attention on other people. 

What if we chose to do more with that time we spend on facebook, allow our senses to be awakened and live more fully ourselves?  What if we just do it without letting other people know? 

What if facebook ceased to exist tomorrow - would anyone know how you feel?  Who would you tell that you have a headache?  Who would you tell that your car spun out?  Would those details really matter?

What if we slowed down, even a little bit more, and just listened to who we are. 

There's a still-small-voice who is trying to get your attention and who wants you to know that only He cares deeply, truly, honestly about you.  He created you.  He wants to be your only concern.  

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  1. Oh this is so good. I can't even tell you how I constantly fight the battle of being notice. I honestly have a long way to go in this area.