Thursday, January 27, 2011

a focus to *change the world*

So many people are talking and writing about changing the world.

There's an incredible need out there for people to be touched - reached through other people's generosity.  And there are people out there who want to help...

People in some places don't have clean drinking water or food.
There are no sewage systems in place for some people. 
In just about every corner of the world there are homeless people.
Children are without parents,
              and some children are sold into slavery or for other people's perverted pleasure.

The world needs people who care to *step up* and be an agent for change

Some people are taking *big risks* to help...

Corporate jobs are being traded in
for communion with the least of these.
Suburban American homes are being sold for village huts in far away places.
People are choosing full time missionary work to serve the poor and lost.
Babies are adopted into families who will love and care for them.

These are all admirable and much needed choices people are making. 

One choice at a time, people are making a difference in changing the condition of people's lives and hearts.

There's just one thing, though...

In the process of trying to *change the world*,
                         some people neglect the time and care  
                                                                  their own families need.  

What are we doing when we shrug off a daughter's question about her self worth?
What about when a son comes with a story book in hand and a request to read to him?
What about dinner together around the table, as a family?
Or a wife's need of a hug?

What we do for the least of these, and the choices we make to abandon our comfort and security -  stepping out and making *big risks* for other people, it's all good.  

Except, when we abandon our homes and our families in the process.

Bringing our family along and ministering together is a great way to develop intimacy within a family, to connect together, and it certainly teaches a lot.

But what about when those children are young and don't understand why you have to leave him again for them?  Or, the teenager has questions and just needs to have you there listen to her?

Abandoning the needs of our families for good work (even to help the world) - 
                           it's dangerous and it's detrimental.

My heart has an aching for hurting families.  I am pained to see families all around me rush here and there in a whirl of activity that ultimately ends up hurting themselves, and without judging I can't help but wonder about the long-term effects on those future men and women.

Over worked, over planned, over scheduled...this has become the American way of life for so many people.  Families are suffering.  Marriages are dissolving.  Hearts are breaking.  Bodies are hurting.  Even for those with good intentions.

What if we start at home with our grand plans to change the world?

Helping others is great, but what about ourselves first and then those closest to us - the ones we're charged with teaching, guiding, leading, loving, protecting...???  

What about saying "no" to the request for your time that takes you away from tucking your little one in bed or coming face-to-face with your spouse?

I have so much to say about this and I wonder...
                         Does anyone else see this happening around them?

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  1. I just wrote a post tonight about changing the world by helping to end Human Trafficking. Thank you for this reminder that our families must always come first. I am not willing to step out for any cause if it means leaving my family behind.