Friday, March 28, 2014

slow us

Father, we come . . .

wanting our children to be prepared and provided for, we confess our clawing for control.

we've pointed fingers and pleaded for attention and action where we think they've been failed.

anger has brewed and we've ventured to think that maybe mongrols are in leadership.

we've used our own platforms as soapboxes to blatantly blame and berate others.

slow us to see where we begin and they end.

may we be responsible with our own roles.

may we not expect others to do what is really to a shared responsibility.

may we respect those in authority.

may we trust.

slow us to see that our complaining doesn't help our children to understand, it only stirs it up.

quiet our opinions to be respectful; quiet us to love.

may our response to the ways we're influenced and affected by choices of others honor You.

we've judged and jingled our keys in threat that we'll run or rally others to run with us.

may our choices teach our children that acting out isn't the answer.

slow us to love You by loving others, even in our anger.


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