Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer lessons

So sweet Emily started a thing about sharing in community what lessons are garnered from each month's *whirl and twirl*. I spent my summer kind of quiet-ish and so I thought I'd do a whole share time of more than just August.

1. I really can survive going off line and not reading the newsfeed every day. #QuietTheNoise

2. My groom really can be my best friend. #LetHimBe

3. Paramedic helicopter pilots are heroes to our 9 year-old Boy-Man. #GodSizedDream

4. Wondering if something will really come together really is a waste use of time. #FocusOnNow

5. It's okay to come back to work from vacation and take the next day off. #SurpriseDateDay

6. This time of year has become an annual trend of slowing down for me. #AcceptingIt

7. It might not be a good idea to say "I've never had . . ." or "It's been awhile since . . ." #Backfire

8. It's possible to go for a five-mile run and stop to take a picture . . . or 35. #CaptureBeauty

9. Giving of our time and our routine can be the greatest gift in reverse. #PuppyHouseGuest

10. Sitting in all day "retreats" gets my creative juices flowing. #IdeaTime

11. Depression isn't chicken pox. #ConstantBattle

12. I really can eat a whole pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream by myself. #EnjoyedIt

13. Apparently egg whites are placenta's. #Yuck

14. People will screw up. #AcceptHumanness

15. Sleep makes experience into learning. #Important

16. "We are the ones who give shock its value . . ." (Matthew West) #HumblingTruth

17. I'm not alone. #ChurchThoughts

18. Apparently french fries might be little cancer sticks. #Bummer

19. Perfection isn't what we think it is.  #WhollyIsHoly

20. A child learning to text can be one of the sweetest gifts ever. #WorkCanWait

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