Wednesday, May 1, 2013


God's word follows me with all I do, prompting me to pause and consider the choices I make. 
When before I would charge ahead with laser-focused intensity, trying to ignore all the questions that cause me to doubt, I'm not doing that this time. 

This time, I’m learning to lean in on God’s voice first. 

I’m pondering His invitation to slow down and consider actually living with less certainty. And it’s not  easy. Usually it feels awkward and clumsy. Yet this time it feels more right to me than ever before. 

You see, for so long I’ve tried to convince myself that life shouldn’t be hard. I felt more comfortable steering clear of anything reckless-seeming that might make life even harder. It seemed stupid to dive into the unknown where my very life felt threatened by risk. 

I try to make choices with complete confidence, yet I always face the possibility that I could be wrong. I make quick, smart decision-making something to be proud of; though the truth is, my flippant knee-jerk-like responses are made out of fear . . .

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