Tuesday, October 30, 2012

imagine | {Day 30}: Keeping it Real

There once was a man who became a scientist.

He fell in love with chemistry, though he was always certain he would be a writer.

Butterflies became his curiosity and he made discoveries about them that saved people's lives.

People thought he was strange for spending so much time on what didn't seem to matter -- winged creatures.

And eventually his obsession with a vision led to a patent which led to one of the most successful pharmaceutical drugs on the market, curing one of the most deadly diseases on the planet.

Money poured in and he tells how he never could have imagined the magnitude of his curiosity.

So he gave it away.

His dreaming became an investment in other people's dreams.

Sometimes visions have no end. We pursue them anyway, though they may seem to make no sense.

: : : 

I interview a candidate for an open position.

She asks me how I manage every thing -- a career. a marriage. the man-growing of my child. my writing.

I tell her I've learned a lot. Mostly, to be myself.

Hearing my own words, I think of how I never could have imagined accepting Me the way I do.

     Yet, here I am and this He did.

My heart craves a pouring into her of encouragement.

I tell her she is good enough and for her to trust that truth, not chase after more or different.

There's no end to my vision of what this affirming might do to a budding professional.

But I do it anyway.

Just like the scientist who studied anyway.

When we imagine possibilities, Real things happen.

On the scientist and his dream. 

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  1. what a cool story. sorry i haven't been around lately. i've missed you.