Monday, August 20, 2012

the art of letting go

I awoke with a start, overwhelmed at The List awaiting me at the office.

It haunted and mocked at me, telling me all that there was to do and reminded me of the limited number of hours to get it all done.

Temptation squawked at me to use the time I dedicated as off to sneak in some work.

Grace reminded me that my days are more than checking off lists. 

Seeking Him for guidance, He led me to a most important and urgent question to tackle before anything else:

          What doesn't need to be done today?

A deadline awaited me from a commitment I made. Non-negotiable.

Reports darkened my door, waiting to be done. They'd waited this long and I decided they could wait even more.

Other items that I realized I just wanted to do, but that weren't urgent, they, too, could wait.

And so, I ended up with time to read...
     and sip tea...
          and even to sneak in an interview at the end of the day to chat with a job candidate in our office.

I was able to ask someone, What type of work gives you energy?

Peeling off items from my *Today* list and moving them to further on my calendar meant I could breathe.

Brushstrokes of my own gifts became His art in that day.  

Thank you, Father, that you give us a greater purpose beyond completing tasks. 


{Grace} Unwrapped...

...discovering how little is really urgent... for laughter and smiling...

...deciding work isn't going to control me... He slows us...

...His preparation for my two weeks away from the office...


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  1. I am so thankful for God's wisdom in my every day life. As a busy wife and mom, there are always so many things on my plate. I am grateful He does not call me to perfection, only to abide in Him.

  2. I love that time when I can just sit and read and sip tea! What a glorious time:)
    (visiting you from Ann's place)

  3. Amy, do you know I had a nightmare about returning to work last night after my week off. This post is like a sweet salve. Thank you.

  4. That is so right.
    When our lives are about the urgent rather than the *truly* important, we slowly drain, I think.
    At least I do.

    Lovely words here, Amy.