Monday, June 18, 2012

how a child leads

Having a boy destroyed all my preconceived notions of love and life.

The ways he breaks the boundaries I often place on him continues to amaze me.

His enthusiasm for life and constant thinking makes me wonder who he will become beyond what I already know about *who* he is now.

Gentle. Kind. Attentive. Caring. Helpful. Truthful. Funny. Smart. Joy-filled.

Second grade brings with it a mini-play performance and his incessant explanations of what he needs to do give me thanks for his confidence.

He often shirks back and gives way to his friends taking the lead in recess activity or conversation, but I see it behind his eyes--he is a leader at heart.

An empathetic leader. A quiet leader.

This Boy-Man needs nurturing and encouragement, and most of all quiet space to practice boldness.

He doesn't often acknowledge his need for rest time. When moments are more still than others, his art busts out of him. He sings and pretends and makes things. Uniquely creative.

His philosophy seems to be that life isn't to be wasted and every moment needs to be filled with some thing.

The Boy's perspective seizes every. thing.

Forgiveness comes easily for him. And I hope this to remain. He teaches me about this and it humbles me. 

He saddles himself close to me and touches me softly. Gentleness is his constant.

I often consider that the length of days I have with this child could be limited. He might make choices that are hard for me to accept. And I remember that he isn't mine, he is His. 

How I grow closer to you, Lord, through the life of this child is simply amazing.


{Grace} Unwrapped... the Boy invites me into his world...

...the details he pays attention to for his school play... choosing to listen, even when I've heard it a hundred times...

...*wondering* what he'll become and praying his enthusiasm remains...

...seeing him as a quiet leader after all the time I've seen him as a follower...

...learning *leadership* doesn't have to be loud and is most effective when quiet... he knows what's right and takes a stand for it...

...the way his heart breaks wide open with compassion for others when he senses hurt... my pride has been broken in two as I learn from this child...


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  1. WE are neighbors today at Ann...what a lovely tribute to your sweet gift...oh how these kids to stretch us...change us...and teach us...I love how you see...he is not yours to control...but yours to hold until God’s voice becomes more clear than yours...blessings to you~

    1. Only He knows the fullness of the story it took to get to Seeing it the way I do now. And yes, it's incredible how parenting stretches us! So glad you stopped by and commented, friend!

  2. This is lovely! I see it, too. When there is enough time of rest, the creativity comes oozing from these little ones. And yes, how they show us that they are not ours to control, but His for the unfolding.

    1. And when *we* rest the creativity "oozes" from us! I like that, so much.

      So glad you stopped by and commented, Theresa.