Monday, April 16, 2012

counting the miracle

I'm not always credible.

Apologies used to spat off my tongue just to make an issue go away.

Now, I express them more deliberately. And with meaning.

I own what I do--the hurts and short comings I make toward him.

Still, my apologies can be met with reservation.

If I actually stopped doing that which I apologize for, perhaps it'd be easier for him to believe me.

This truth hurts. Yet, my groom is an imperfect human who has feelings he can't deny, and nor would I want him to.

Some days it can be really challenging to live in the same home. Especially with two people who are different and say different things to the child who they raise together.

Vacation days and long weekends aren't always glorious. In fact, going back to work and school may feel like a getaway, even though it may not be paradise.

When another day begins again, it's Grace.

When family sits around the dinner table to share another meal, it's Grace.

When a couple lies in the same bed again, it's Grace.

Again and again I am overwhelmed by the magnitude of my groom's choice to love me.

Our lives could have looked very different today, all because of the tornado that rolled through our house a few days ago. The tornado that so often, so many years ago, threatened our forever.

I'm sorry doesn't feel enough. And talking through what happened only feels like we're spinning in muck.

Another day mixes with another day. Grace multiplies exponentially and we are slowly healed of the raw pain.

Like childbirth pain not remembered, so it is with marriage pain.

Hope grows. Beauty blossoms.

And though our life may again be threatened by tornado's, we have Grace for the *whirl and twirl* and His promise, forever.

{Grace} Unwrapped...

...the Joy over awakening for another day with him lying next to me... the silky ones make me feel pretty for him...

...a prayer for our togetherness tonight...

...his call to me from the grocery store to get my list right... our arguments show our Boy about forgiveness, too...

...raising support together for something meaningful...

...the almost a dozen years of learning every day love from our marriage...


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