Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Do you know? You're Already Amazing.

In the *whirl and twirl* of life, it's so easy to get confused.

We hunt down the should list and search for a manual on how to do
*It All.*

Because, we think we have to.

There are some of us who have figured out that 
     life isn't about doing it all

Those people have found their rhythm and have notched themselves into where they feel most comfortable.

Then there are some of us who know life isn't about doing it all, and yet we struggle with living free to feel comfortable.

As for me, I can tend to get tripped up. Often.

I often reference the *whirl and twirl* of life.

Music and dancing tug at my heartstrings. I love to dance.

The freedom in it, the joy of it, the pure happiness of moving to the rhythm--it's what I want to notice in life. And so, I often make the analogy that life is a dance.

The whirl part, though--it can tend to be where I stutter in my living.

Life comes at us fast sometimes and we can either get swept up in it and our dance evolve, or we can spin wildly out of control. I picture a tornado cloud whirling around my head with a calender filled to the brim and endless chatter of expectations in my head.

It becomes easy to stress over our inability to keep up with it all. 

We tend to think that we need to dance gracefully, or that we should race the clock as if we're Super Woman--ever changing and evolving based on life's circumstances.

We doubt that we can stumble.
We doubt we can be ourselves.
We doubt truth.

Truth tells us--

There are times when our dance is clunky and it still makes beauty.

There are times when our failures are used for purpose.

In those moments, we can be free to trust.
We can choose courage to believe in truth.

There's a sweet woman who I know from a distance and who I look forward to getting to know personally, and she's helping woman all across the world to choose this courage to live free. In fact, she's written a book with real, tangible help in discovering strengths, making a plan to live deliberately, and Embracing Who You Are to Become All God Created You To Be.

I read this book. It's real encouragement. And, real help.

Maybe, just maybe, it'll help you to See like I do--that All. Is. For. Purpose.

Check it out.


I received this book as a gift to review. All opinions are my own. 


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  1. Great review. I, too, loved the book.

  2. Beautiful words to describe a book sharing beautiful Truth. Thank you for linking this up to (in)courage!