Monday, January 30, 2012

the question I asked that changed my perspective

Sitting at the dinner table a question rolled off my tongue.

"What did you do today to show the kindness of God?"

I'd never asked that question before.

Typically I'd ask, "What did you do to help someone today?".

This time, specifics seemed to be required.

Helping someone comes from God and His Spirit lives inside of us.

Without question, the Boy-Man begins to think about specific interactions he had with his second grade peers.

"I just spent time with my friends."

Without hesitation, I celebrate this choice with him.

"Your just being there makes a difference."

A day later that conversation replays in my mind. I think about the wisdom behind it and thank God for speaking through me.

I revisit a conversation my boss said about how when I am disengaged something is missing. And then I remember a sermon I listened to on a recent road trip for work. About how we are called to be a Light.

A light doesn't do.

A light just is.

Without the light, life is different. 
Not as it's supposed to be.

We have a purpose. Our lives really do matter.

Just *being* is evidence of Him.



{Grace} Unwrapped... children don't question the questions...

...and how they are just so open to ideas and story...

...the incessant chatter of a seven-year-old Boy-Man...

...remembering how he quietly observed a lot until he was three...

...a quiet weekend without obligations...

...a little hockey star in watching professional ones showcase their skills...

...sleeping in two hours later than most days...

...celebrating hard work in school with a dinner night out...

...our bedtime routine of thinking about how we've lived deliberately today.


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  1. Oh, I love this quote...

    "Without the light, life is different.
    Not as it's supposed to be."

    Powerful, my friend!

    Wonderful grace list:)))

    Have a blessed day...

  2. A light doesn't do, a light is...Love it!

  3. What a wonderful question to get to the heart of life and making it more purposeful. Thanks for sharing it..I will ask it of my children.

  4. A light doesn't do.

    A light just is.

    Just beautiful!!! WOW