Tuesday, December 6, 2011

learning responsibility

He's seven and I tell him that he doesn't always know what's best for him.

I'm nearly five times older than him and I still don't always know what's best for me. Or him.

Sometimes I want to rush ahead and make things happen.

I don't always want to wait for His will to be revealed.

Screaming and shouting tempts me to get my point across quicker, harder, faster, stronger, forceful.

Choosing calm, quiet and rest is hard.

I tell him that I understand his urge to be responsible--
     not to be told what to do, and to be entrusted to do it on his own.

I admit to him that I still don't like it when people point out my mistakes--
     for someone to suggest I am not responsible.

A friend of mine tells me that I am always in a rush. Defensively I tell him that I have slowed, at least some. I am not as intense as I once was. Yet, truth tells me he's right.

Sitting the Boy down, I explain to him that sometimes responsibility shows up when we *listen.* 

And I tell him that when we forget to choose kindness and respect for others, responsibility shows up when we apologize and own our behavior.

I ask him if he understands.

He nods his head and I tell him that it is his *responsibility* to try his best at meeting my expectations.

I remind him that when he doesn't, I will forgive him--always.

Thinking of our conversation and the truth of my friend, I am reminded that
     I am still learning responsibility.

I still struggle with rushing ahead, taking short-cuts, ignoring the sound advice of others, and taking my eyes off course.

*Unwrapping {Grace}* today...
     to be who I am Now and accept him as he is Today.

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  1. Oh that grace to be who we are Now. This post spoke deeply to my soul, thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful, Amy. And so much truth and wisdom here... blessings, sweet friend.