Thursday, November 10, 2011

living gratefully :: courage {and a giveaway!}

There's a place where I find Comfort for my soul.

Peace. Freedom. Grace.


The real kind that says I accept you--
     for who you are, not what your story reads,
All *this* is found in my marriage.

This place has led me to Growth I never could have dreamed.

When I met my Man-Boy all those years ago, I imagined him as a father and the idea of him as a husband was a beautiful thought. But he was barely a teenager and still had a whole lot of living to do.

After we were married a handful of years (and more), I started to See that it isn't necessarily the Man who changed me, comforts me, cares for me--it's Him living through him.

My Man-Boy knew who he didn't want to be,
     and he knew what God wanted of him.

He has unabashedly lived with a focus to help people.

He has courage in his choices;
     a deep abiding passion for helping people do what is right.

He is a teacher at heart.

I can't imagine my groom ever ceasing to father with a courage that says
     I will be responsible in my role.

Looking around at others, especially those in our family, we have a difficult choice:
     either believe the trend of behavior and succumb to the lie that says
     we don't stand a chance, or...
Believe we can make a difference.

It takes courage to do live as we're called. To live responsible.

Just because our father's left us, doesn't mean we don't stand a chance. He uses our growing up years for good.

There's a movie out that will ignite change in people's lives and instigate perspective-change; it's called Courageous

It's thought provoking and has a way of digging deep, nestling in your heart.
Long after you've watched it, the story has a way of sticking around awhile.

Visuals of real life challenges and daily doubts, fears and remembering of pain come alive on the screen.

We are reminded of our own struggles and we're invited to pause to really think about who we want to be, especially as parents.

Parenting is more than making sure our kids go to bed on time or get good grades. It's just so much more.

I'm so grateful that my home has a courageous Man who envelopes his little Boy-Man in his unwavering commitment--Every. Day.

I lift up my groom and pray that this father will learn from his Father, and that the cracks where a tangible daddy was missing will be filled with tender grace.


Dayspring has partnered with Sherwood Pictures to offer 
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Both of these are a great way to lift up the leaders in our homes.

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As a partner with Dayspring, I have the opportunity to host a giveaway 
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  • Simply, leave a comment here sharing what *courage* looks like in your life.

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Visit the Dayspring's Courageous web site where you can purchase movie tickets, watch the trailer, and send and e-card inspired by the movie.

I was given an opportunity to review Dayspring products for free. 
The opinions expressed here are my own. 


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