Monday, June 6, 2011

Our roots He grows

A new day dawns bright on the horizon and I am in awe of His grace.

The connections I've made through writing in this space - this corner of the internet world - has brought me closer to Him.  And I see that yes, He is even here.  He meets us where we are, and today we're all a part of the ever changing technology.

I've had several conversations over the weekend about how we're asked to bloom where we're planted, and how we can have a tendency to think we need to be everywhere - especially after seeing other places, or having tasted another world's struggles.

When we drink in a neighbor's pain we can think it's our own.  And then we look the other way because it's just too much.  Instead, we think (often impersonally because of our limited experiences) of the children without clean drinking water, and we remember that we've heard there are people out there (somewhere) without food to eat.

And yet, still, we think it's not our place to encourage {our friends}.

Children here in this country are over-done, over-cooked, over-fed, over-played, over-given.
 (Yes, I know this isn't grammatically correct, but stay with me a bit.)

We've out-done our giving.  And we're hurting each other.  Too often I've seen the more convenient choices made because it's...well...convenient.  For. Us.

Obesity is a reflection of the drive-thru dinners...the *rewards* or treats for good behavior...too many activities and not enough time to slow down and play...staying up too late to soak up way more of a day than is necessary (or just so parents can do one more thing, or go to *just* one more place)...too long of a day in front of the television or playing video games...or too much stuff given.  And yet, folks are continuing to give more than is necessary and over-do it.

(And then we wonder why children are misbehaving or not paying attention - not thinking that perhaps it's all just too much.)

We're finding it all entertaining, too.  Television shows are highlighting people's mistakes and indulgences, and then going the complete opposite way with compulsive behaviors and addictive responses as the only way to combat what they've done to themselves.

We watch television shows and become a part of the obsession.

Again, I think - we have neighbors who could use a little encouragement, and we're finding every excuse not to help.  We're being entertained, over-indulged, over-rewarded and we're neglecting our own *now*.  Because *the now* is where our story blooms beauty as a part of His story of grace - not just sitting back and letting someone else do the living for us.

We try to squeeze the most out of our schedules, our wallets, ourselves - but what about our hearts?

With the dawning of the day I ask my Father what He'll have of me today.  And these words have poured out.  I ask Him for grace to love my family as they need to be loved, and for Him to be the mortar that holds us together.  Fill in the gaps my own inabilities leave behind, Father.  And use me today for where you've planted me.  

Again I think of how I tend to think the job - my responsibility - should be bigger than it is.  I wonder if what I know in my heart should be applied to my actions.  And then He reminds me - it isn't my job to save the world.  It's my job to bloom where I've planted.  

Sometimes He transplants us.  And sometimes our roots extend far beyond our little homes and communities (like this space here has done for me).  But still, it's where He sends us that is important and we need to focus on that.

Where has He planted you and how far do your roots extend?  You'll never know.  But you'll also never bloom if you keep yourself limited to an egg carton on your kitchen shelf.  Let Him transplant you today, and let your roots grow deep into the soil of His story.


Gratitude for Unwrapped *Gifts* of {Grace}... He answers my questions...

...neighbors who help heal my wounded heart...

...His redirection of my focus to where He's planted me... I see my roots extend far and wide, and remember His love is even bigger...

...the mystery of His purpose... He loves me...

...this space here and the connections I've made...



  1. Inspiring post, gives me a lot to think about

  2. You have such a way with words. I always have to stop and pause when I come here to read. Thank you for your beautiful heart!

  3. Hi Amy,
    I am praying to be both rooted where He wants me, but also willing to be transplanted.
    Beautiful post. Love meeting you in this cyberworld and knowing that He takes ALL things, including the internet and makes it GOOD for those who love him.
    You are goodness to me in this cyberspace.
    Hugs to you.