Friday, June 3, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Every Day

I've been linking up with Lisa-Jo {nearly} every Friday and it's been great for me.  Because, um, yeah - I'm one of those girls whose kinda afraid to write in a limited span and then publish what I've written without editing.  It's not that I'm looking for that blasted word - perfection.  It's just that polished is probably more of what I'm looking for.  A tad bit more put-together.  So, this prologue, if you will, on today's post - it's necessary for me to say.

You need to know it. And I need to say it.

This discipline - this writing for Five Minutes flat without wondering if it's right, it's a real exercise and it's real hard sometimes (not the actual writing, just the actual getting started part - the getting past the fear part).  And I'm realizing that's what life is mostly about - getting past the fears and just standing up.  Once you stand up the putting one foot in front of the other becomes easier.  It can't happen without standing up.

So, I'll stand up now - and I'll just start this discipline with Lisa-Jo's lovely prompt.

Every Day...


I awaken and give thanks.  My groom is still breathing and my boy is still in our lives.  Because, every day I enter into the real awareness that this might not have been, and it could be the last.

And so, every day we hug each other before we leave, give a kiss and tell each other I love you.

We start the day together with a meal, and stories about the previous day seem to flood the Boy-Man's mind, and I'm tickled pink (whatever that is) about his sharing.

I tell the boy to Make Good Choices, [for him], and I encourage him to have fun with his day.

We come home together and reserve the evening for family time - walking and playing, being active together.  The evening draws itself up tight so quickly, and soon we find ourselves in the quieter, more intimate part of the day.  Piano is played, books are read, and prayers are spoken.  Our favorite parts of the day are shared, and kisses softly given.

Every day I am loved.  And I feel it.  Though I've always felt the preciousness and trueness that what we have might not last forever (and it won't, I know), I don't live as a pessimist.  I live as a thankful-ist, if there is one.

I seek Him in the morning, during my day, and give thanks for it all in the evening.  Every day I ask for His hedge of protection over us, His guidance and His grace.  And every day He answers.  Every day I grow closer to Him and every day I am challenged to trust Him more.



  1. Popping over from Lisa-Jo's. This is beautiful. We all need this reminder every day. Thanks!

  2. Also from Lisa-Jo's... Gorgeous post! My sort of 'life motto' is to live stringing together the little things and make them count for more than the bad stuff... you are doing an awesome job at it! Loved it!

  3. i too came over from GypsyMama. enjoyed your blog...will return to read more of it. i enjoyed reading some of what you said re forgiveness. will return to read more...great:)

  4. Hi Amy, I just found you through InCourage. I am so glad! I love your site, and I'm looking forward to visiting often. Thanks for sharing your faith so beautifully! Deb