Friday, November 5, 2010

a thankful heart :: hope

A friend and her family have recently been surprised with a fresh-out-of-the-oven baby boy to care for and envelope into their own special family.  One day they were a family of three and this friend even shared pictures of a recent family photo opp that captured just the three of them.  The very next day they were a family of four.  I don't know the specific details of their story, yet their surprise is a result of willing hearts.  Through Foster Care, they were selected to bring a two-day-old baby into their home and care for him as their own and God-willing they will have the financial resources to complete the adoption.  Talk about surprises!  This one wasn't a nine-month-wait-in-the-making kind of surprise.  He was a suddenly-you-are-a-family-of-four blessing.

Although I don't know the whole story (yet) my heart is doing flips and turns for them over the miracle and joy of them having been selected for this awesome surprise.  And what do I feel in turn?   Hope.

This friend asks why she was chosen for all of these miracles she has been a part of.  And she feels blessed beyond words.  My answer to her is because she is willing.

A willing heart allows for so much Hope.  There is so much opportunity and potential and excitement in a willing heart.  Sure, there's trepidation and uncertainty and often times fear of the unknown.  But a willing heart says use me. any. way.

I choose to be thankful today for the Hope I feel in my own heart as I read the story of my friend's recent blessing - a blessing that surely will come with a lot of work and difficult moments; moments that will challenge and refine her character.

How have you experienced Hope lately?  

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