Saturday, November 20, 2010

a thankful heart :: excitement

It's scary.

As if I'm letting go of a dream.

Yet, I am excited.

I can feel it.

The unknown-to-me future is like a blank canvas.  I have the paint brush in my hand and I'm poised to begin painting - to begin living out the canvas.

I'm not sure what it'll look like and as excited as I am, I'm not really wanting to hurry up and get it done.  The construction-in-progress-look is what makes me most excited.  It gives way to possibility.  To hope.  To what may be.

A place of my own.  

A place to write.  To think.  To listen.  To just be.

It was once my dream of a place for someone else and part of me still holds that dream.  I honestly am not ready to fully let go and never look back again.

But for now...

For now I'll choose excitement at something new.  Something for me.  Gratitude for excitement is on my heart today...over a room of my very own, a very girly lilac-colored room for me.

Prayers will be said here.  Words will be written here.  Tears will be (and have been) cried here.  Hearts will be comforted here.  Souls will be loved here.

A place for me...for this I am thankful today.

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